To Trim or Not to Trim, Questions about Cannabis Sugar Leaves


Nowadays, you may see tons of trimming gears available on market for cannabis trimming. Some of them focus on stems trimming, while some of them are specially designed for leaves or flower trimming. With varying prices from less than ten bucks to $200+ bowl trimmers, you may wonder why I have to trim? Isn’t every single piece of the flower smokable? The answer can be yes or no.

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You might not know this terminology, but for sure you have seen those small to medium sized leaves grow out of your buds before. They are the Sugar Leaves. Being very different from the Fan Leaves we usually see as a symbol of Cannabis, sugar leaves can be heavily coated with trichomes when it comes to the harvest which makes the buds looking even more beautiful and delicious. However, a joint that contains a certain amount of sugar leaves or even sugar leaves joint itself will absolutely not taste as smooth and pure. Imagine firing with wood which is not completely dry in your backyard. Depending on how much sugar leaves are in your joint, would you still enjoy it? People may give different answers, but at the same time, you will also need a heavier joint to get as medicated as a pure joint.

On the other hand, trimming off sugar leaves does waste a lot of trichomes. Depending on the strains of your plant, sugar leaves growing out of the buds can be very small in size and amount. If that’s the case, you may want to leave them on so that you can  maximize your yield weight and also save a huge amount of time on trimming. 

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If you do have sugar leaves that are visible and taste awful, take your time and use a pair of curved blade scissors to trim them off! With a bumper harvest, you might also need other trimming tools such as a bowl trimmer which can definitely save you tons of time. After trimming, don’t throw your sugar leaves away. With various extraction tools and cooking methods such as bubble hash bags, tea brewing, oil-based extraction techniques, you can then make the best use of essentials on the sugar leaves. 

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