Grow Tent Configuration


Grow tent, the most commonly used grow chamber for indoor growers, has size options available on the market from 24’’x24’’ all the way to 120’’x120’’ or even bigger. Do you know what types of  equipment are mandatory for your grow tent? Are you still struggling with your grow room design? This article will demonstrate most commonly used Lumo-X Grow Tents to provide you with possible blueprints of your grow space and discuss necessary growing gears accordingly.

 lumo-X grow tent black diamond

                                                                                                                                                                                    "BLACK DIAMOND" Series-Indoor Grow Tents for Cannabis and Plants Grow--M3


First of all, 24’’ x 48’’ grow tent. A 2’ by 4’ grow space allows you to grow 2 full-sized plants with diameter around 24’’ or up to 8 small plants with about one foot wide crown. As long as the ceiling height is above 72’’, HID light can be used in a 24'’ x 48’’ tent with ventilation system which usually consist of one inline duct fan, one carbon filter and ductings in between. For 24’’x48’’ grow tent, an Inline duct with about 200CFM volumetric flow level would be enough for a combination usage of a carbon filter, and can be used as an intake fan, blowout fan, or a circulation fan which is commonly used to circulates air within tent as a closed loop. For grow tents with even smaller size (i.e. 36’’x20’’ Grow Tent) or lower ceiling, the configuration of the plants inside would be similar to the aforementioned setup, however, LED grow light is highly recommended to avoid canopy burn and overheating in the tent.



                                                                                                                                                                                    "BLACK DIAMOND" Series-Indoor Grow Tents for Cannabis and Plants Grow--M3.5


As the most popular option in Canada for hobby growers, 48’’x48’’ grow tent allows you to grow 4 large plants with about 24’’ in diameter which perfectly , 5-10 medium-sized plants with extra space to do low stress training, or up to 16 small-sized plants. Usually, 4’x4’ grow tents are designed with ceilings higher than 6’, as a result, HID and LED lights are both applicable. A 4’-6’ ventilation system with volumetric flow level around 400CFM is recommended for the 48’’x48’’ grow tent setup. Please note that the circulating ventilation system would only work for LED lights. To take full advantage of the circulating fan, a carbon dioxide bag can be added to the tent to enrich CO2 level in the tent which would help your plant grow faster and stronger. As a rule of thumb, each sq ft area should have 20-30W of ACTUAL POWER provided by LED light. Therefore, 320W would be the minimum requirement of LED light in the 4’x4’ grow tent. For HID lights, 1000W lights would be the ones you are looking for.


A 4'x8' growth tent would be ideal for you if you have an entire space to devote to your growth. You will determine between hydroponics and soil in the 96 " x48 " growing tent. You can hydroponically grow fewer plants, but you can concentrate on fewer plants, concentrating all your resources into a smaller field. Hydro plants grow faster, and they also typically produce heavier plants. However, if this is your first rise, it is a safer idea to initially stick to the soil and your 4’x8’ tent will allow you to grow 8 full-sized plants and up to 32 small-sized plants. A general 8’’ ventilation system with 500+ CFM flow rate or similar are recommended. Stronger ventilation system is mandatory if you are going to use two HID lights in the 4’x8’ tent, while a separated circulating fan can be added to the tent as well if you have extra budget. For lighting in a 4’x8’ tent, simply double the lighting setup in the aforementioned 4’x4’ tent. It will also be a great idea to add extra one or two LED fixtures either in the middle of the two lights or on two sides of the tent to fill in the area that does not have illumination as intense as the centre area right beneath the main lighting fixtures. At last, 4’x8’ grow tent is large enough to have a separated setup for Clone and Veg area so that you can keep your growing circle flowing. Why plants in flowering stages can’t be placed in the same tent? Check this article here.

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No matter if you are a starter or an OG grower, it is highly recommended for indoor growers to use a grow tent because the tent can provide you privacy, help you control climate and odor, and contain the mess of your grow. In addition to these grow tents in most common sizes, there are large grow chambers that need strong AC system to keep temperature and humidity constant, multi-carbon grow tents which usually comes with black-out inner wall to separate tent into multiple function areas thus requiring separated ventilation and lighting systems as well, hydroponic grow tent that needs rack, dehumidifier, and water purification system, etc. It is crucially important to know your specific growing situation and ask yourself basic questions such as how large space is available, how many plants you are growing, and what type of growing methods you are going to use before making a selection.